The High Elven Empire's Terrible Secret

Shortly after the Paragon Wars ended and the Heralds departure from the still smoldering remains of Acrassia, the High Elves retreated to their mountainous homeland. Within a handful of years, the magically inclined members of the High Elf Council of Lords noted that one of the most powerful High Elf Paragons was, in fact, trapped beneath the valley which the High Elf capitol hung suspended over.

Emperor Liestrell (Lie-es-trell) commanded that the most brilliant and daring wizards, binders, and clerics at his disposal find a way to reach out to the banished Paragon and make contact. Each of the Paragons had once been a bastion of great power; treasure troves of arcane lore and legendary magical strength were at their disposal. Was it really so bizarre that a leader would seek to harness such an untapped resource for his people?

Diving into the frenzied research with his advisors and allies, eventually the Emperor and his assistants reached the conclusion that breaking the seal to contact the Paragon would only end in fire and suffering. It would take immense amounts of magical energy to keep the Paragon both aware enough to serve as a magical resource (for knowledge, advice, and raw power), and keep the Paragon contained within the World Scar. As the clerics of the Heralds reminded Emperor Liestrell, it was not the place of mere mortals to set free those who had been punished by divine edict.

So, a compromise was reached. Rather than awaken the Paragon, Emperor Liestrell and his cabal would simply harvest the magical energies released from a comparatively tiny opening cut into the World Scar. Using the Imperial Throne as a magical focus, vast rings of arcane runes were etched into the throne room and the Throne itself. Surrounded by containment rings of arcane and divine powers, the Imperial Throne would act as a harness to for the Paragon’s mana.

Artificial ley lines and node of mana capture were installed surreptitiously throughout the capitol and the surrounding baronies. By these arcane structures, the mana harvested through the Imperial Throne would be distributed across all of the Empire.

The High Elven Empire's Terrible Secret

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