_ “Bury me facing down you traitors, lest I claw my way into your homes for vengeance’s sake.”_
- King Vincent Lebrun, assassinated for increasing conscription rates.

Open plains, gentle mountain ranges, and rocky beaches, it shares a border with Rovania. It boasts the largest collection of Oath Sworn in the known world, and is renowned for their feudal system, and the honorable knights it produces. While its standing army is not quite on par with Rovania’s hardened soldiers- it’s cavalry is the finest in Acrassia. Economically, the peasantry does well for themselves- It seems that whenever a king grows too greedy, his subjects depose him violently. Thus no ruler wishes to tax too harshly, and the current one is no exception. Beneath a grand facade of honor and religion, Lagul has an exceptionally violent past, and present. In fact, many estimate it as the battleground for the paragon wars, and it is never more clear than at night. Under the veneer of gleaming steel, plumed helmets, and brilliant white chargers, ghosts and other carrion roam the lands in search of escape from their torment, or fresh kills from an ever expanding bandit problem. Indeed, the only reason they do not have a problem with vampires and ghouls is because of their notorious scavengers. At night, many peasants place their garbage rotten and festering in the streets- and by morning the rat population has surfaced, eaten nearly everything, and gone underground by the time the sun gives first light. Graveyards and corpses fair no better. Often times, most coffins are empty soon after they are buried, having been picked apart by burrowing worms and scar rats. This helps to aid Laugaul’s appearance of being clean and prosperous, though any who would be foolish enough to take a stroll in the streets at night would soon discover a much more disturbing truth. The streets are clean and the walls gleam, but in reality, Laugaul is a skeleton picked clean of flesh- a polished pile of bones gathering dust.

Topography: Open plains, gentle mountains, rocky beaches


Monster Population:

Common Monsters: Dragons, Basilisk, Cockatrice, Dire Wolves, Scar Rats, Ghosts, Harpies

Economic Climate:
Because the nobility is painfully aware that they live under the threat of violent death, acts of appeasement leaves the Laugaul treasury more empty than not. With a very small safety net, natural disaster is far more disastrous in Laugaul then the nations facade of wealth would suggest. The plentiful natural resources of the nation are being strained in equal parts by the political inadequacies and the rapidly diminishing space for Laugaul’s ever growing population. Merchant guilds are almost solely responsible for Laugaul’s wealth, and are allowed certain liberties denied the peasant class because of that. Laugaul has a few luxury goods for export, namely its fine stock of horses and metal, precious or otherwise. It is because of these raw resources that Laugaul can field massed cavalry and knightly orders. Most noticeably, Laugaul lacks lumber, the few forests it once possessed long since cut down for shelter and warmth.

Political Climate:
Because of the history of regicide whenever the peasant class feels taken advantage of, Laugaul has a remarkably stable political atmosphere. The Laugaul people take it as a Herald given right that the lowest class can, through whatever means they deem necessary, dispose of a ruler that they judge unworthy. As a general rule, corruption among rulers (from village mayors on up) and other officials is very rare. This outward stability has bred its own share of problems however. Long term plans are a pipe dream for the nobility of Laugaul, and diplomatic relations with other kingdoms is strained at best. Too many past promises and pacts have been discarded with the latest bout of regicide, leaving Laugaulian diplomats with a reputation of untrustworthiness and powerlessness. Laugaul is forced to turn to private organizations to secure resources from beyond its borders, and even then payment is usually demanded (at least in part) up front. This has led to a fairly strong merchant class in Laugaul. Being neither noble nor peasant, merchants exist in a state of power. Their disposal by peasants is almost unheard of, and unhindered by custom, tends to lead to violent reprisals from the merchants guilds. Much of Laugauls taxes do come from merchants, but at the same time the tax rate is relatively low because it is by private merchants guilds that much of Laugaul’s goods reach foreign markets.

Important NPC’s:

Population Centers:
Ries: Built in the time of the Heralds, Ries


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