“Mah leader? What, yew mean like mah king or somethin’? HA! Listen here yew wine-sippin’ jack off, this ain’t yer Sangue or hoity-toity Laugaul. This here is Drakenheim, and given how you’ve got a nice wagon full of goods and I got this here sunfire thrower, Ah reckon yer gonna be walkin’ home.”
- Ezekiel Lupercal, bandit, explaining Drakenheim to a traveling merchant.

By and large, Drakenheim is barren wasteland. What little vegetation exists is often too tough to the point of being inedible, and native wildlife is just as murderous as the blazing days and freezing nights. Towering mountains occasionally dot the harsh land, creating pockets of arable land in their lee. The few permanent settlements are forged around these locations, but otherwise the population of Drakenheim lives in nomadic groups. The mountains also serve to stir up the climate and disrupt the air currents, creating an ideal condition for storms. Flash floods, earthquakes, storms of lightning, hail, and snow. . . nothing is too bizarre for the spiteful weather of Drakenheim.
The mountains fashioned by the Heralds and inhabited to this day are coloquially refered to as ‘Bones’. Some of the mountainous ranges and spires resemble actual formations of bone closely enough that their cities are named as such. Skullspire, as an example, resembles a humoniod skull with a stilleto driven up through the top of the skull.

In the time of the Heralds, Drakenheim was where war was industrialized. The first Dragon-born were brought screaming into life here, and the gnomes were given glorious purpose in aiding their deific masters building and testing powerful and insane weapons and armors. Whole cities of barracks were fashioned, dug into mountains which were drawn up from the bedrock of the world. The insane weather conditions were fashioned in order to test the Heralds armies in many different climates, straining their mettle and equipment to the breaking point.

Lil’ bit of everyone.

Monster Population:
Who needs monsters when you have all these other people trying to kill you?

Economic Climate:
Drakenheim is supremely wealthy, but lacking any overarching governing body or even a merchants guild, there is no way to distribute or capitalize on that wealth easily. Because of this lawlessness, the only way to do business with Drakenheim is through one of the few permanent settlements made around and within the Bones.

Political Climate:

Important NPC’s:

Population Centers:


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