Skarn Voldat

A mediocre smithy with a dark secret.


Skarn is a short, stocky man with Dark eyes, knobby ears, and a pointed chin. He is a quiet man, and there is a sadness about him that most people notice after spending more than a few minutes with him.

He is willing to talk to anyone from out of town
and asks longingly about other places. He will try almost any job that someone
asks him to do, but his workis average at best and he will fail most complex
jobs like weapons or armor. Skarn’s passion is making his wife, Laureana happy.


Skarn Voldat is considered to be a minimalist blacksmith. Unfor-tunately, his skills fall a little short to most blacksmiths you will find in other towns, but its not for the lack of trying. He started at a young age, being from a family in a now destroyed nearby village, he came to apprentice with Lucro Kottin, the blacksmith of Volkhov. After apprenticing with Lucro for only two years, Lucro disappeared and never came back, leaving Skarn all alone in the at the bright young age of 15, with only a small amount of training Skarn worked hard to take over, dealing with the demand of the town, but his heart was not into it. He learned on his own since no other blacksmith took up residence in Volkhov. Skarn eventually married Laureana Jandol and has managed to make a decent living in Volkhov.

He only has one secret. Lucro did not leave town or disappear, he was actually killed by Skarn. It was an accident, but Skarn killed Lucio with a hammer as he tried to defend himself from a drunken beating that Lucro was trying to give him. Skarn was afraid that the town would not believe and hang him for his crime, or worse, send him back home to his family to be punished. He came from a home where his father believed in beatings as well, so he could not afford that. Skarn hid Lucro’s body and most of his things, burning them slowly in the forge a little bit at a time so all traces would be gone. He has never left town due to his feelings of guilt for taking the blacksmith away from a town that needed him. He has vowed to stay and make up his past digressions. His wife has tried to convince him it wasn’t his fault and that he did what he must, but Skarn has never been able to shake the guilt surrounding his crime.

Skarn Voldat