Laureana Jandol Voldat

The dutiful smithy's wife, ever the artist.


Square of face, but attractive of feature, she is slight of frame and boasts long slender fingers that are always fiddling with something or another.


Laureana Jandol Voldat is a good wife and she loves Skarn completely. The only time Skarn does not seem sad is when he is with Laureana because he returns her love. Laureana paints for Skarn, she knows he would like to see other places and makes him happy by painting her version of those far away places on thin sheets of metal, rocks, cloth, or anything else she can use. She is self taught and quite good. Many of the people in town have one of their pieces in their house. Laureana has two passions, taking care of Skarn and painting. Skarn and Laureana have never been able to have children but that has not spoiled their marriage. Laureana sometimes teaches the village children how to draw with charcoal on wood. Both are known to dine from time to time at the Inn. While they would normally not be able to afford it, Macloch’s wife has a soft spot for Laureanna and enjoys her paintings, so they get a good discount.

Laureana is aware of her husband’s past deeds. She does not care however.

Laureana Jandol Voldat