Karina Macloch

The innkeeper's wife, beautiful, and charming. Perhaps too much so.


Karina has wide, dark green eyes that remind you of the leaves on a rose bush. She has long thick brown hair with only one or two strands of gray showing. She has a fair face with high cheekbones and a slightly upturned nose and her smooth, white skin has only has the barest hint of wrinkles around her eyes and mouth. Her full red lips are almost always shaped into a smile.


Ethan’s wife Karina works in the kitchen preparing the food for the inn. She enjoys cooking. Karina’s food is full of flavor and she takes joy in knowing that others love her food. Though her pastries are not quite as good as Ketya’s, they are very close.

Karina has a soft spot for travelers, and her charms have lured them into precarious positions more than once. Especially when it comes time for the town’s yearly festival. Ethan is understanding, if irritated by her indiscretions, but seems to remain pacified so long as she does not stray to any man or woman who lives inside the village.

Karina Macloch