Ethan Macloch

The Innkeeper, family man, and quite the brewer.


Ethan has almond-shaped eyes the color of slate, with short graying hair. He is clean-shaven and still has a lean build of one who is used to working outside, though you can tell he is starting to soften around the middle. He has lightly tanned skin with bushy eyebrows and a prominent chin.

Ethan’s demeanor is kind and he is always happy to see a customer, whether it is a dear friend or a new stranger in town. He is happy to talk with all about news, but he does not like to gossip, and he takes pride in his work.


Ethan used to work outside in the garden, where they grew most of the produce for the inn, but after a nasty fall that hurt his leg, he has left that job to his son. Ethan’s leg never healed correctly from the fall and he still walks with a slight limp.

Ethan Macloch